How to improve the durability of refractories for cement ultrafine grinding

How to improve the durability of refractories for cement ultrafine grinding

With the rapid development and improvement of related technologies and equipment for large-scale pre-decomposition cement ultrafine mill in China, the overall technical level of China’s cement industry has approached or reached the international advanced level, but the overall service life of domestic refractory materials compared with foreign technology There is also a certain gap. The reason for this is that in addition to the level of product research and development of refractory materials manufacturers, it also has a greater relationship with the overall construction level of refractory materials and people’s attention to construction quality.

Through long-term visits to domestic cement production companies, it has been found that most cement companies have the following conditions that restrict the service life of refractory materials: Some cement companies do not pay much attention to the matching of refractory materials and construction, and there is no refractories configuration. Reasonable and repeated shutdown of kiln maintenance. Second, the overall technical level of the domestic refractories construction team is uneven. Third, because most cement companies implement the separation of refractory materials supply and construction, some construction teams know little about the performance and construction requirements of refractory materials and have low levels of specialization. It is difficult to guarantee the construction performance and service life of refractory materials.

The service life and service life of refractories are closely related to the performance of refractories and the quality of construction. In particular, refractory castables are used. Because they are semi-finished materials, the relationship between the use effect and the construction quality is greater. It is called “three-point material, seven-point construction”. Therefore, the construction of refractory materials must strictly follow the construction specifications and control every aspect and every detail. Taking refractory castables as an example, the following details should be strictly controlled during construction:

Construction should pay attention to:

The construction of fire bricks should pay attention to: the correct mix of fire mud, mud saturation, control of the gray seam.

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