How to improve the service life of ultra-fine mill

How to improve the service life of ultra-fine mill

Extending the service life of the Ultrafine mill is the goal that we and our users are pursuing. The correct daily maintenance of the equipment can prolong the service life. The maintenance of the ultra-fine mill is a two-time regular work, maintenance work, has a direct impact on the mill operating rate and service life. Proper maintenance can identify equipment defects, eliminate hidden dangers, and ensure the normal operation of the mill. In addition to routine maintenance, it also needs to stop grinding operations regularly, and carefully check the important components of the equipment, such as hollow shafts, main bearings, cylindrical gear reduction, gear size, etc., to eliminate damaged parts.

Before the test run, we need to do better preparations to clean the workshop; check and clean the ultra-fine mill; check if there are any crusher items and debris; clean ultra-fine mill ultra-fine Milling machine bearing outer barrel; cleaning connection parts, such as ultra-fine grinding machine bearings, reducer, motor appearance, etc.; the inside of the motor uses compressed air, you need to check the motor for debris.

“Oil pipe flushing” is a common engine oil added with 20% rust preventive cleaning. The tubing will be removed first and sealed with a blind plate at the equipment oil inlet. Equipment inlet pipes and pipes are collections of temporary pipe connections. Rinse the oil with a circulating pump and check the oil on the oil filter on the oil pipe until the filter is free of debris before taking care of the qualified pipe. The pipe will then be the same as the circulation pump and connected to the ultrafine mill equipment.

Check the tightness column of the anchor bolts and the lining bolts; check the power supply voltage and the reliability of the equipment control. The connecting bolt between the ultra-fine mill and the reducer, the reducer and the rolling mill, or the connecting piece of the connecting piece can be rotated vertically. Check the cooling water pipe for blockage. Before commissioning, open the cooling water pipe joint, flush the pipe, and clean the cooling water. In the production and operation, there are many factors affecting the service life of the ultra-fine mill, so we must do better maintenance work.

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