How to solve the problem of spraying powder on the inlet of Raymon

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How to solve the problem of spraying powder on the inlet of Raymond mill

When Raymond mill used it for a long time, there were occasional small problems. Today, the customer consulted us about the machine feed port used for six or seven years, and did not know how to solve it.

In view of the problem that the lightning feed inlet is sprayed outside, several customers have consulted me. I have analyzed and treated them one by one, and gradually found out the cause of the dusting, and fundamentally solved this difficult problem. I sorted it out, and there are several reasons for this failure:

  • 1. The feed port is originally used for feeding raw materials into the mill cabin. If the powder is sprayed out, the raw materials cannot be fed in. In this case, the motor circuit can be checked first to see if there is a short circuit. The resulting host motor is reversed. Similarly, this also applies to users who have installed the Raymond powder machine for the first time;
  • 2. Check the pipe leading to the dust collector. There is a straight pipe on the tee. There is a damper on the top. If the damper is closed or too small, it will cause dusting.
  • 3. Check whether there is a large amount of material accumulated in the air duct of the main engine. You can open the observation door on the air channel of Raymond mill and thoroughly clean the air duct. Because the mill will process the material with high humidity for a long time, it will remain in the air duct. In part, these residual materials will become more and more accumulated over time, causing the materials to overflow too much;
  • 4. Check the pipeline for leaks and leaks, because the air volume inside the Raymond mill is cyclic. If there is air leakage, it may cause airflow to swirl and blow the material out of the inlet;
  • 5, check whether the dust bag is blocked, if the dust bag contains too much powder, affecting the normal exhaust, it will also cause the powder injection at the feed port, you can use a wooden stick to beat the dust bag, so that the accumulation of powder on it (in daily production It is best to hit the bag once with a wooden stick after a few hours).

The above points are the main reason for the powder injection of the Raymond mill grinding machine. If other factors are found, this phenomenon will also occur. We welcome online communication with our customers.


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