Hydraulic Cone Crusher Operating Principle

Hydraulic cone crusher’s using principle is that to prevent the crushing loading too much, the materials is not allowed to put into the crushing chamber directly. if there is new installed concaves , should check the crushing after it working 6-8hours .

1. When the hydraulic cone crusher working, the feeding materials should down to the center of the disk, in order to prevent the crushing load too much , the materials is not allowed to feed into the crushing chamber directly , the right way is that the mineral ore should be evenly into the crushing chamber by distribution plate. The given materials should not be exceeding the height of the concaves. Don’t start the crusher under load, in order to prevent the other parts of the machine damaged.

2. Before stop the machine, you should stop feeding the materials into the crushing chamber, and after all the materials discharged out of the machine, turn off the power.

3. Check the hydraulic pressure, if there is any unmoral, check and repair it.

4. Concaves is fixed on the adjusting ring by the U-shaped bolt, and between them injected with zinc alloy to make them closely and firmly.

5. Mantle is fixed on the cone body by cone head, and between them injected with zinc alloy, if there is new installed mantle, check the bolts and fasten it firmly after the machine working 6-8hours.

6. Due to the friction, cone plate will be worn out, and the gap between it changed. In order to ensure the normal gear, should put the gasket into the bottom. The thickness of it should equal to the wear part thickness.

7. Bushing should install outside the eccentric shaft. And inject zinc alloy to prevent movable cone bushing move. The eccentric shaft bushing shape would be changed by the heat zinc alloy. So ensure the size of it, and it there is any incorrect, repair it in time.

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