Investing in sand and gravel production lines

What issues should be paid attention to when investing in sand and gravel production lines in 2020?

The establishment of many large-scale sand and gravel factories and sand and gravel production lines will not only affect the process and effect of sand production, but also affect the development of upstream and downstream enterprises. With the increase in the demand for artificial sand and gravel, it can be seen that the sand and gravel industry has great development prospects and a clear development direction, and more and more companies have invested in sand and gravel plants and sand and gravel production lines. What issues should the project pay attention to?
After the establishment of the sandstone plant, the establishment of a sandstone production line has become a top priority. An optimized sand and gravel production line must follow many factors, which can be divided into external factors and internal factors. External factors include environmental factors, geographical location, etc., and internal factors include the purchase of equipment and the combination of equipment. Let’s analyze them one by one. One of the environmental factors: the production environment of the sand and gravel production line determines the installed environmental protection system (sand washing-wastewater collection and separation system, dust removal-dust collector, etc.); the second geographical location: After the mine site is selected, the sand and gravel factory and the sand production line should be close to the quarry, with a certain natural slope, which is convenient for mining and transportation and saves costs. The combination of the three equipments: The combination of mining equipment is a key step. Generally, reasonable selection and matching are performed according to the stages of coarse crushing, medium fine crushing, sand making, sand washing, screening, and conveying. The performance of the equipment must pay attention to the speed of feeding, the compatibility of production capacity, daily maintenance and so on. Fourth purchase of equipment: When purchasing crushing sand making equipment, we must choose a strong manufacturer and a manufacturer with guaranteed after-sales service.

The above are the issues that need attention and consideration when investing in sand and gravel production lines, and users can refer to them. Shibang is a mining equipment manufacturer integrating production, sales and service. If you need related equipment, please contact us.

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