It is very important to choose a scientific and reasonable sand ma

It is very important to choose a scientific and reasonable sand making machine equipment

As we all know, the sand aggregates produced by different types of sand making machines are also different. When customers choose equipment, they must rationally configure advanced sand making machine to meet the normal production of gravel aggregates according to their actual conditions. Therefore, it is very important to increase the output by configuring a reasonable type of sand making machine.

Reasonable selection based on the environment of the scene: The fixed and mobile sand-making machines developed by Shanghai SBM. For example, since the mobile sand-making machine adopts a vehicle-mounted integrated assembly form, it is more convenient than traditional systems. Sand equipment, it’s transfer, docking, etc. are very convenient, in addition, because mobile sand making machine mobility is strong, can go with the car, so in response to some migration mobility or material accumulation is scattered There is not much pressure on the field operations.

However, the fixed sand making machine may not be so convenient. It not only requires some cumbersome operations such as piling and fixing, but also has a very high transfer cost. Therefore, it is recommended that the customer must have a construction environment for the enterprise before the vote. To achieve a certain understanding, such as: material accumulation, site size, etc., in order to select from the two types of sand making equipment more appropriate model of sand making machine to achieve high-efficiency production.

According to the demand for production value, reasonable choices are made: the model of the sand making machine under the same production value is not limited to one type, or taking the Shanghai SBM sand making machine as an example, the sand making machine model with an output of up to 200 tons can be produced due to different models. The ideal sand production and budget cost are also inconsistent, so in order to ensure a highly efficient investment for customers, it is particularly important to select a model with a cost-effective sand making machine based on the production value.

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