Jaw Crusher Parameterized Design


Pendulum jaw crusher is one of the most commonly used crushing equipment for medium hard raw material processing. Because of its simple structure, low price, easy to operate, reliable and firm and some other advantages, jaw crusher is very popular among customers. In this article, we mainly introduce parameterized design of pendulum jaw crusher.

Jaw Crusher Parameterized Design

The main technical parameters of jaw crusher are nip angle, horizontal stroke of movable jaw, max crushing force, eccentricity, rotation speed of principle axle, power of motor and production efficiency and so on. These factors basically decide the technical function of jaw crusher.

Nip Angle

The included angle between movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate of jaw crusher is called nip angle. The size of nip angle is decided by the raw material properties, grain size and shape etc. Besides, the size of nip angle directly affects the production efficiency and the height of crushing cavity. Relatively smaller nip angle can increase the production rate of jaw crusher, but when the crushing ratio is fixed, the height of crushing cavity will also increase. Relatively larger nip angle will decrease the height of crushing cavity, but raw materials cannot be nipped by jaw plates. In this case, raw materials will be pushed out of the crushing cavity, making the production rate decrease. So choosing suitable nip angle means a lot. After analyzing, we found out that proper nip angle αhas a computational formula:

tanα= 2f/(1-f2)

f: the friction factor between raw material and movable jaw plate.

Horizontal Stroke Of Movable Jaw

The horizontal stroke of movable jaw also has great influence on the production rate of jaw crusher. If the horizontal stroke is small, it will cause the production rate decreases. But if the horizontal stroke is too big, raw materials will be piled up in the discharge opening, leading to the crushing force increases sharply. In this case, the jaw crusher will overload and the overload protection device will be damaged.


Since the eccentricity affects both the production rate and transmission power of jaw crusher, so eccentricity is a very important parameter in the design of jaw crusher. When the other main parameters are the same, increasing the eccentricity can increase the horizontal stroke and improve the production rate of jaw crusher. But at the same time, the power consumption will also increase. So under the condition of ensuring the horizontal stroke, if we decrease the eccentricity, the power consumption of jaw crusher will also decrease.

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