Jaw Plate Structure and Bracket Function

For large scale jaw crusher machine, the moving jaw plate is divided into three parts. The medium and small scale jaw plate only has one part. The size of jaw plate: the medium one is small and the upper and down parts is larger. There is a wedge-shaped matter on the topside which is called as fixed wedge part or fixed weight. Jaw plate is fixed in the medium jaw plate and fixed weight by bolts.

Three-Part Jaw Plate

Most of the large scale jaw crusher machines adopt the three-part jaw plate. There are some reasons and benefits with the three-part jaw plate.

One piece of large scale jaw crusher machine plate is large and weight. If it is divided into three parts, it will be very convenient to assemble and install. But there are some workers said that the three-part plate is not easy to install. The three-part one need to be fixed by the bolt and the installation is relative complicated.

Jaw crusher plate is divided into three-part, it will be very convenient to tear down. The import benefit: the three-part jaw plate design is the medium one is smallest and the two sides are the same size. If the plate bottom is worn seriously, it can change the position with the upside jaw plate. It can be used continuously and it will save costs.

Bracket Function

Though the bracket is simple, it will play very important role. There are two functions: deliver power, used to support the moving jaw bottom rotating; insurance function, when the crushing cavity has hard materials, the bracket will tear down firstly and it will protect the valuable parts. The connect method of bracket cushion and bracket: it can be divided into rolling and sliding depending on the bracket and bracket cushion connecting method.

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