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Kaolin Introduction

Kaolin is white and has a fine texture. It is also known as dolomite. It has good plasticity and fire resistance. It is usually composed of minerals such as illite, quartz and hydromica. It is in Hunan, Suzhou, Maoming and Longyan in China. Hepu and other regions are widely distributed. The milled kaolin has applications in ceramics, coatings, cosmetics, national defense, petroleum, pesticides, pigments, building materials, etc., and the market prospect is very broad.
Due to the rich kaolin resources, simple milling process, low cost investment and high market return value, many investors have attracted attention. At present, kaolin milling has become a hot investment project in the market. So what equipment does kaolin use for processing into powder? What is the process flow? SBM Xiaobian will give you an analysis.

Kaolin grinding process

Kaolin grinding has mainly experienced four stages of crushing, milling, powder selection and collection. First, the large kaolin is crushed to a certain particle size by a jaw crusher; after that, it is lifted into the silo by the bucket elevator, and then uniformly and quantitatively sent to the Raymond mill by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. Internal grinding treatment, where customers can freely adjust the fineness of discharge according to demand; nextly, the fined kaolin powder after grinding will be reasonably graded by the powder sorting machine, and the powder of unqualified fineness standard will be sent back to the main machine. Continue to grind, and the kaolin fine powder that meets the standard is output through the pipeline device, and then can be sold as a finished product.

Kaolin grinding equipment


The jaw crusher is an indispensable equipment for the kaolin milling process. Its structure is simple and the system is mature. In addition to the basic features of high output, good quality, high efficiency, less failure, long life and long replacement parts. The environmental protection effect of the equipment is not weak. It introduces the mature technology of Germany, selects the high-tech dust removal and muffling system, completely eliminates the running noise and dust, and realizes green production, so it can become one of the necessary equipment for kaolin grinding processing. .


Raymond Mill is a key equipment for the processing of kaolin powder. It introduces European apex and concept design and has incomparable unique advantages. The specific performance is as follows:

(1) Unique three-dimensional structure design, which not only saves 40% of the floor space, but also facilitates installation, maintenance and maintenance, and the basic investment cost is reduced by at least 80,000 yuan;

(2) Fully automated processing system, and designed with automatic fault monitoring program, which can control the operation workshop and operation status in real time to ensure safe, efficient, flexible and stable operation of the equipment;

(3) The finished kaolin fine powder after grinding is uniform in texture, high in whiteness, less in impurities, fine in fineness, and the screening rate is up to 99.99%, and the industrial economic value is higher.


The function of the bucket elevator is to transport the kaolin material after the crusher from bottom to top into the silo. The design of the equipment is relatively novel, and it can be used in a single machine or in multiple combinations, in different environmental conditions. Under the circumstance, it is more flexible and is an ideal lifting device, which has attracted attention in the industry.


The electromagnetic vibrating feeder feeds the material in the silo evenly into the Raymond mill. It has small volume, large processing capacity, uniform feeding, flexible operation, simple maintenance, energy saving and so on. Quality, so it is also favored by users!

In addition, the kaolin grinding processing equipment will also use the powder separator, dust collector, electric control device, etc. If the customer has a finer fineness of kaolin, the company also produces ultra-fine grinding machine with a fineness of 3250 mesh. Sufficient to meet any industrial needs.

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