Laterite Mining Machinery

Analysis of Laterite Mining Industry

Laterites are soil type materials, rich in iron and aluminium, formed in hot and wet tropical areas. Nearly all laterites are rusty-red because of iron oxides. They are formed by intensive and long-lasting weathering of the underlying parent rock. Tropical weathering (laterization) is a prolonged process of chemical weathering which produces a wide variety in the thickness, grade, chemistry and ore mineralogy of the resulting soils. The majority of the land areas with laterites was or is between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Laterite ores also were the early major source of nickel. Due to its wide applications, the laterite mining industry is experiencing a booming period in many countries. Typically, main types of laterite mining machinery can be divided into the laterite crushing machine and laterite grinding machine.

Laterite Crushing Machine-PFW Impact Crusher

When it comes to the laterite mining machinery, it is worth mentioning the laterite crushing machine. Typically, laterite ore crushing machine refers to the crushing equipment used in the crushing process of laterite-bearing rocks. Nowadays, in the laterite mining industry, impact crusher is widely used as the laterite crushing machine. The PFW series impact crusher is also called European style impact crusher, often used in the secondary crushing and fine crushing. It is very suitable for open-pit crushing in quarries. PFW series impact crushers are adopted by heavy-duty rotor design, unique hammer locking system, and interchangeable wearing parts. In addition, reformative adjusting device reduces the overhaul time of machine. Adopting the rotor analysis, every PFW impact crusher can ensure excellent stableness and reliability. Many customers have told us that PFW series impact crusher have made a great contribution to their laterite mining business.

Laterite Grinding Machine-MTW Trapezoid Mill

Besides the laterite crushing machine, the laterite grinding machine is also an important type of laterite mining machinery. Laterite grinding machine is used to produce laterite powder making machine in the laterite quarry. As for the type of laterite grinding machinery, mining investors can choose the ball mill, Raymond mill, and vertical mill, etc. Specialists from SBM suggest the MTW-series Trapezoid mill is the best choice for laterite grinding machine. It adopts the integral transmission of bevel gear, inner light-oil lubrication system and arc whirl tube, which stand for the leading trend of international grinding mills. In addition, the roller and ring are designed in our Trapezoid mill can reduce the material’s slipping speed between rollers and ring, extend grinding time, and enhance the quality of laterite powder.

Apart from the laterite mining machinery, SBM can design and install a complete set of laterite powder production line. Typically, our laterite powder making line consists of the conveying system, feeding device, crushing plants, grinding plants and automatic packing machinery. To our pride, more and more quarry owners keep a great interest in the laterite powder production line made by SBM. In their opinion, SBM’s laterite mining machinery and processing line designed by SBM feature high capacity, reliable performance, easy maintenance and low operation cost. If you have some interest in our laterite mining machinery or laterite powder production line, please contact us, we believe that the future is ours to build!

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