Limestone sand making machine

Limestone sand

With the vigorous development of China’s construction industry, the supply and quality of natural sand have fluctuated frequently, and the market demand for machine-made sand, one of the building materials, has entered an explosive period. For a while, stone sand has become a sand aggregate One of the main sources is the limestone with abundant reserves in our country. So, is the limestone machined sand good? How much is the complete equipment used? This article gives answers for users who are about to go into production.

How about limestone sand?

The main content of limestone is calcium carbonate. Except for acid, many erosive substances can not be eroded or can only slowly attack limestone. It has stability. Therefore, limestone sand is very good. In addition, limestone sand has two advantages:

First, limestone is abundant in storage and easy to obtain. This is a low input cost for users. Everyone knows that the price of mechanical sand has risen to 180 yuan / ton in some regions. The price of finished products is high, the price of raw materials is low, and profits are rising. High, users are more profitable.

Second, using equipment to make sand manually, it can be produced on a large scale or on a small scale. The output particle size is controllable, and the finished product sieved by the vibrating screen is relatively uniform, sells well, has a large packing density, and can reach construction. Requires sand.

What are the complete limestone sand making equipment

Limestone sand making equipment needs to be determined according to the user’s production situation. This is why large manufacturers have professional technical managers to design production solutions for users. The following briefly introduces the configuration rules and which sand making equipment are needed.

  • 1.Vibration feeder + jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine + screening machine
  • This configuration is mainly configured for larger pieces of limestone, and each device has its input particle size and output particle size range. For example, the particle size of the sand making machine does not exceed 60 mm, which means that the limestone needs to enter In the last sand making step, the particle size cannot exceed 60 mm, so which equipment to configure depends on the particle size of limestone. This production line is suitable for use in sand making plants with raw materials around 1000 mm.

    This complete set of production process flow is that a large piece of limestone enters the head crusher jaw crusher uniformly and continuously through a vibrating feeder, and the broken small piece of limestone enters the impact crusher again, is processed into limestone stones, and finally enters In the sand making core equipment of the sand making machine, the aggregate from the sand making machine outlet can not be regarded as a finished product, and finally qualified limestone machined sand can be regarded as a finished product through a screening machine.

  • 2.Vibration feeder + impact crusher + sand making machine + screening machine
  • This configuration is suitable for users of limestone at four or five hundred millimeters. The impact crusher is a common medium crushing equipment, especially suitable for processing medium soft materials such as limestone, with high crushing efficiency and stable energy saving.

    The production process of this complete set of equipment is that the limestone directly enters the impact crusher through the vibrating feeder, is processed into stones not exceeding 60 mm, and then enters the sand making machine for sand making, and the material is also discharged from the sand making machine. The mixture coming out of the mouth needs to be sieved by a sieving machine to become an expensive limestone machine sand.

  • 3.Vibration feeder + sand making machine + screening machine
  • This configuration is a relatively simple production process. The stone size of the user itself will not exceed 60 mm, so that it can directly enter the sand making machine, and a main sand making equipment can become a line.

  • 4.Mobile sand production line
  • The three types of limestone sand making equipment introduced by everyone are fixed production lines, but some user sites are more complex, such as frequent site changes and small site areas. At this time, mobile sand production lines are more suitable. This type of production line The equipment used is mobile equipment, that is, the equipment involved in each of the above solutions is unchanged, but these equipments are installed on a mobile rack.

    For example, the complete set of equipment in plan two becomes: vibration feeder (vehicle) + mobile impact crusher + mobile sand making machine + screening machine (vehicle)

    Among them, the vibration feeder and the impact crusher are jointly equipped with a car, and the screening machine and the sand making machine can be jointly equipped with a car. The production process and fixed production line have been maintained. This production line is fast and can be directly driven to the production site. No infrastructure is needed, and you can use it as soon as you buy it. This is very suitable for an industry that makes early production and earns money. After all, business opportunities are here.

    The above production schemes can be equipped with sand washing machines according to user requirements. If the cleanliness of the sand meets the requirements or the requirements are not too strict, it is not necessary to configure this equipment.

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