Main Devices of SCM Ultrafine Mill

Lubrication Device

The lubrication function will reduce friction and wear. The contact and having relative movement materials will have friction which will make the machine wear. And then the machine service lifetime will be reduced. There are two kinds of methods reducing wear: improve the relative movement matters raw materials, such as with high wear-resistant materials to reduce wear; the other one is to add lubrication agent and reduce the friction, such as bearing part and classifier part.

The following parts are needed to have lubrication in the SCM ultrafine mill: fan motor, impeller, the host at the bottom of the bearing chamber.

Insurance Device

There are two parts of insurance devices in the SCM ultrafine mill. Both of them are used to prevent the hard materials causing wear for the grinding roller and grinding ring and decrease their lifetime. Both of these two parts are installed after the elevator and before the main host de-ironing separator. It will get out of the iron involved in the materials. The second part is in the main host device. The grinding roller inner diameter is larger 40mm than the external diameter and it will make the grinding roller moving 40mm. If the large hard materials enter into the grinding cavity, the grinding roller and grinding ring will protect the machine. When the machine works, under the function of centrifugal force, the grinding roller will be near with grinding ring. If there are hard materials, the grinding roller will be far away from the grinding ring.

Adjustment Device

The aim of adjustment device is to adjust the product fineness. The related adjustment parts include classifier rotating speed, air output volume. The classifier rotating speed is adjusted through the motor. When the classifier rotating speed is improved, it can pass finer size materials and to reach the selection of ultrafine size powder materials. When the wind speed reduces, the related particle materials speed will be reduced and the materials which can get through the analyzer size will be reduced.

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