Manganese processing plant

Manganese processing plant

Manganese ore is a common mineral resource in nature, and it has many kinds of varieties. However, there are only 6 kinds of soft manganese ore, hard manganese ore, manganese ore and manganese ore, which are mainly distributed in Guangxi, Guizhou, Guangdong, Jiangxi, etc. in China. Ground. The processed manganese ore has extensive application space in metallurgy, chemical, chemical, building materials, aerospace, national defense, environmental protection and other fields.

Manganese ore is widely used in the economic field and is an important raw material for metallurgy and various industrial sectors. “No manganese does not become steel”, this saying will reflect the important position of manganese. Due to the complex composition of manganese minerals, only concentrates can be selected for use in the production sector. So what are the equipment for manganese ore beneficiation (flotation) production line? What is the process flow? Let’s take a look at it below.


The main equipment used in the manganese ore beneficiation production line includes jaw crusher, ball mill and flotation machine. In addition, it also includes auxiliary equipment such as spiral classifier, mixing tank, thickener and dryer. The following is a brief introduction to important equipment.

1. Jaw Crusher

This equipment is used to complete the crushing operation of manganese ore. It is a 30-year technical precipitation and introduces European innovative technology design. It has remarkable advantages:


2. Ball mill

This equipment is a deep grinding process for the crushed manganese ore. It consists of the feeding part, the discharging part and the turning part. It has extremely excellent product advantages:


3. Flotation machine

This equipment is the core equipment on the production line. It is a “container” that fully reacts pulp and chemicals, and has unique advantages:


Second, manganese ore dressing production line process

First, after the mined large ore manganese ore is crushed and processed by a jaw crusher, it is reasonably sieved into a variety of different specifications by a circular vibrating screen, and the unqualified scrap is returned to the crucible for re-crushing; the qualified stone is mixed with water and then It is evenly sent to the ball mill for wet grinding treatment, and then classified by a spiral classifier. Similarly, the stone that does not meet the fineness requirement will be returned to the ball mill for further grinding; the slurry that meets the conditions is sent to the mixing tank and added to the corresponding After the agent is stirred evenly, it is sent to the flotation machine for full reaction; then, the manganese concentrate with higher purity can be obtained, and then it is concentrated into a thickener and concentrated and sent to the dryer for drying and dehydration. In addition, in the end, natural drying can also be used to achieve the dewatering effect.

Through the above introduction to the equipment and process of manganese ore production line, I believe that everyone has a simple understanding of this, if you want to know more about the production line information, sustainable attention!

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