Marble Stone Processing Plant

Brief Introduction of Marble

Marble is widely used in buildings, monuments and sculptures. Its utility value lies in its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. It is a non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite.

Marble is a crystalline, compact variety of metamorphosed limestone, consisting primarily of calcite, dolomite or a combination of both minerals. Pure calcite is white, but mineral impurities add color in variegated patterns. Extensive deposits are located in Italy, India, Pakistan, Spain, Greece, Brazil, China, Afghanistan, Turkey, Great Britain, and in the United States. Commercially the term Marble is extended to include any rock composed of calcium carbonate that takes polish including ordinary limestone.

Marble Stone Processing Plant

In the mine site, the marble stone processing plant starts with the extraction raw materials from the mine. In the production process, the essential step is the crushing of marble stone. In the crushing stage, large blocks can be crushed into coarse size which will be screened into different size products. From the first crushing to the secondary crushing, SBM crushing machines play important roles. There are jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and the advanced vertical shaft impact crusher.

All these crushers can be used for marble crushing. Besides, the whole marble crushing screening plant also can meet your production needs. Moreover, the stationary marble crushing plant and mobile plant are provided to you all. SBM’s jaw crusher and impact crusher are the customers’ choice for reliability and productivity. Heavy-duty mobile plants produced are capable of handling your toughest crushing applications.

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