Mobile crushing stone machine

Mobile crushing stone machine

The crushed stone machine equipment is developed by the stone crushing principle and technology introduced by the SBM machine. The powdered stone machine improves the efficiency of crushing sand in the past and has a wider application range. Especially for the crushing of medium-hard, extra-hard, abrasive materials, such as silicon carbide, emery, magnesia, etc., it is better than other types of powder stone machines. It can be used in conjunction with hydraulic protection powder machine, used for processing metallurgical slag, especially suitable for construction sand and road construction sand.

Performance characteristics of stone crusher

Simple structure, low cost, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving;

The self-lining of the materials in the impeller and the vortex crushing cavity greatly reduces the cost of wear parts and maintenance work;

The stone crusher effectively solves the “iron pollution” problem in the crushing process of glass and other raw materials and the “stuck steel” problem in the steel slag crushing process, and the clever internal airflow self-circulation eliminates the dust dispersion;

The equipment has reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving, which not only meets the quality requirements of construction sand, but also makes up for the technical defects of the sand making industry.

Mobile crusher performance advantages

working principle

In terms of the working principle of the stone crusher, it is simply the principle of stone to stone. Let the stones collide with the stones thrown off by the impeller during the natural fall, so as to achieve the purpose of breaking! The stones thrown away by the acceleration and the naturally falling stones collide to form a vortex, which is broken twice during the return process, so there is very little wear on the counter plate of the machine during operation.

What are the other types of crushed stone machines?

SBM Industrial Technology Group is a large manufacturer of stone equipment. In addition to jaw crushers that can be used to crush stones, we also produce other models that can be used to produce stones. The jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing rough stones. The finished products are larger, like our counter-attack powder stone machine, hammer powder stone machine, counter-roller powder stone machine, and cone powder stone machine are all broken stone machines. .

How much is a set of broken stone machine production line?

The whole equipment of the crushed stone machine is different. Maybe your raw material is not high in hardness, you can replace the cone crusher with a cheaper counterattack. Maybe you are pursuing a simple workflow, you can use the hammer type for coarse crushing and medium crushing. Powder stone machine replacement; maybe your raw material size is not large, you can save the coarse crushing step of jaw breaking; maybe your site is limited, you can use a mobile powder stone machine that can flow and have a small footprint …

SBM Industrial Technology Group is a manufacturer specializing in the production of mine crushed stone machinery and equipment. Our crusher types and specifications are complete. Large crushed stone crushers can meet the high output requirements of large and medium-sized customers. Small crushed stone crushers can also meet small and medium-sized enterprises. Of Nissan ’s production needs and also supports tailor-made services. SBM crushing stone machine has a good crushing effect and is deeply loved by users. There is a full set of stone production line equipment. Users with needs can click online customer service for consultation. SBM machines welcome users from all walks of life to come to consult and investigate!

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