New mobile crusher construction waste crusher

New mobile crusher construction waste crusher

In recent years, China has also begun to pay attention to the rational use of material resources, put forward policies such as energy saving and emission reduction, and carried out a large number of feasibility studies, such as traditional zero waste recycling and reuse, the application of waste masonry materials in garden roads and other practices. The selling price is cheaper than other conventional building materials and is very popular in the market. In order to effectively solve urban construction waste, local government departments have adopted the decision to use construction waste treatment equipment to deal with construction waste, implemented construction waste recovery and reuse, and investigated the application of Construction Waste crusher equipment on the market. Construction waste treatment produced by Shanghai SBM Industry Special equipment-construction rubbish mobile gravel station, the amount of construction waste handled every day is about 3000 tons, half of them are used as non-fired brick materials by the nearby brick-making enterprises, and the rest of the concrete aggregates are used as municipal road water stabilization materials.

Due to the relatively concentrated construction waste stacking, the site is relatively limited, and the transportation is not very convenient, the SBM industrial mobile construction waste crusher can be used to crush various large and large materials in multiple stages. The equipment occupies a small area, which can save a lot of capital construction and relocation costs; it can crush the material on site without having to transport the material away from the site and then crush it, thereby greatly reducing the transportation cost of the material. The construction waste crusher can also be modified according to the actual site design, which is very suitable for construction waste crushing.

For the management and treatment of construction waste, most developed countries in Europe have implemented a strategy to reduce the source of construction waste, that is, to reduce construction waste through scientific management and effective control before it is formed. For the generated construction waste, scientific methods are adopted to make it have the function of renewable resources. In the past, all construction waste in our country has been landfilled, which not only wastes available resources, but also pollutes the environment.

Shanghai SBM Industrial possesses the experience and technical capabilities of existing machinery and equipment manufacturing, and Shanghai SBM mining equipment is moving towards diversified development. Throughout the world, the vertical and horizontal integration of enterprises is still the key to the vigorous and continuity of the company’s life. Under the strong support of technological innovation and diversified equipment applications, the future of machinery and equipment and the future of China’s mining machinery will be more beautiful and gorgeous.

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