Phosphate ore ultrafine grinding machine works at the end of the bearing temperature is high, the cause of heat

Phosphate ore ultrafine grinding machine works at the end of the bearing temperature is high, the cause of heat

Phosphorus ore Ultrafine mill equipment belongs to the bulk equipment and is subject to various influences on the quality and productivity of milling. It mainly describes the reason why the bearing temperature is high and the heat is generated at the end of the working time of the equipment of the ultrafine grinding of the phosphate ore.

The reasons for the bearing heating after the shutdown of the general ultrafine mill are as follows.

The uneven position of the bearing base, or because the rotor of the motor and the rotor of the milling machine are in different states of mind, this will cause the strong impact of the extra load on the shaft during operation, thus causing the bearing to overheat during long-time work. . When the bearing heat is caused by the above reasons, we must stop immediately to avoid early damage to the bearing. Mill bearings are caused by too much internal lubricant, too little or aging, causing damage to the bearing due to overheating. We need to add lubricants on time and in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions. General lubrication accounts for only about 70%-80% of the bearing space. Excessive or too little lubrication is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer. Bearings can extend their useful life. Also in the mill’s bearing cover and shaft with too close fit the room is likely to cause the mill bearing heat generated, there is time when the superfine mill equipment bearings and shaft with the elastic tight and inappropriate will also lead to bearing overheating . As long as this kind of problem occurs, in the normal operation of the equipment, there will be audible noise and significant swing. At this time, we need to stop the ultra-fine powder mill equipment and then remove the bearing to repair the entire friction area. , and then reassembled according to the formal requirements. Similarly, if the customer chooses a quality bearing itself, the material is poor, non-authentic imported bearings, grease is not high temperature, high temperatures are inevitable. Therefore, the process of the user’s selection of a phosphorus ore ultrafine grinding mill equipment should be performed on the details of the material. Our superfine flour mill from SBM Industrial Technology Group believes that our quality is king and is not afraid of testing. At the same time, the user will also be guaranteed for one year.

In the purchase of ultra-fine pulverizer, users should pay attention to details, although the appearance is important, but the value of ultra-fine pulverizer ore is reflected through its ability to work. We will introduce more questions and notes on the details of the ultra-fine mill equipment in the future news.

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