Small Plaster Production Machine

Plaster is a building material used for coating walls and ceilings. In our modern life, plaster has a wide applications. As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, SBM is able to offer all-round mining solutions for our honored customers according to their practical situations and particular requirements. Recently, more and more mining investors have inquired about whether we have any small plaster production machine. Of course, we have our own small plaster production machines, which have made a great contribution to plaster industry in many countries. And then we have a look at SBM’s small plaster production machine, also called small plaster grinding machinery by customers.

Outlook of Global Plaster Industry

Plaster starts as a dry powder similar to mortar or cement and like those materials it is mixed with water to form a paste which liberates heat and then hardens. In the modern industry, plaster is so widely used as industrial materials and construction materials such as cement retarder, plaster products, construction, model making, food additives, medical acid, sulfuric, loading paper, a lot of paint. Todays, with the rapid development of construction industry, the demand for plaster has been significantly rising. Global plaster industry has witnessed a leap in the price and output. Therefore, plaster producers should seize this valuable chance of development. In the plaster industry, grinding machines are used to produce plaster. However, due to lack of mining funds, many customers prefer small plaster production machine, which needs low operation cost. For plaster producers, small plaster production machine can also make them stand the test of plaster market.

Small Plaster Production Machine

In the plaster industry, SBM’s XZM series ultrafine mill performs as a high-efficiency plaster production machine according to the global plaster market. It can have varied capacities according to the particular requirements of customers. XZM series ultrafine mill is our leading grinding mill based on years’ exploration and development. The body of it is connected to the base of all soft contact without rigid contact, and this avoids the body vibration to the analyzer, improved the accuracy of the analysis. Besides, the coupling of the elastic sleeve is used in the main unit and the gearbox, which avoided the phenomenon of easily breaking nylon pin, thus improving the reliability of equipment. In addition, no axle tree or bolt is used in the grinding chamber, so there will be no worn out problem of bearing and sealing parts, and also no loose of bolts, which can ensure the high safety of working site. The size of final plaster powder can ranges from 325mesh to 2,500 mesh, and the capacity can achieve to 6,000 kg/h.

Small Scale Plaster Production Line

Small scale plaster production line has been considered as a new and popular investment decision for mining investors. Based on their needs, we design and install our own small scale plaster production lines. Our plaster production lines have varied types, such as the lime plaster production machine and cement plaster production machine. Typically, SBM’s plaster production machines mainly consist of the vibrating feeder, impact crusher, vibrating screen, plaster mill, belt conveyor, traveling apron, electric control panel, etc. So many mining applications have proved that the small scale plaster production line made by SBM features low operation cost, long service life, and little downtime. We can build a customer-built plaster production line based on the practical condistions of plaster factory.

If you have a great interest in our small plaster production machine, please contact us! SBM’s plaster grinding machinery can become your money making machine in your quarry.

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