Raymond mill correct operation process

Raymond mill correct operation process

In the process of production, Raymond mill often causes no harm to Raymond mill due to improper operation, such as wear, deformation, damage, etc., which affects the normal operation of the mill, and production. Service life. Therefore, how to properly operate the Raymond mill and carry out proper repair and maintenance becomes very important. To this end, SBM Machinery will explain to you the correct operation of the Raymond mill.

First, before the Raymond mill starts, it should be checked whether all the inspection doors are closed tightly. Check whether the jaw gap of the crusher meets the feed particle size. Adjust the speed of the analyzer to reach the approximate product grain size. Finally, press in order to boot.

Second, Raymond mill operation sequence is as follows: start: hoist → crusher → analysis machine → fan → host → feeder.

Third. When the Raymond mill stops, the machines should be shut down in the following order:

The order of Raymond mill shutdown is: feeder → main unit → blower → analyzer.

Raymond mill is not allowed to refuel at any time during normal work. To ensure safe production, abnormal noise occurs in any part of the mill, or if the load suddenly increases, stop it immediately and remove the fault to avoid major accidents. When you continue to turn on the machine, you must take out the remaining material in the mill. Otherwise, the current will be too large when starting up, which will affect the startup.

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