Raymond Mill Production System Starting Up Process

There are several kinds of machines in  Raymond mill  working process. Some of these machines cannot be in no-load; some of them can in no-load state. They are installed in this line depending on the order. But their start up order is not on the installation order. This is desired to pay attention.

Here will introduce the Raymond mill  starting up order. To learn the Raymond mill production line machines  needs to learn the machines involved in this production line. In this line, it includes jaw crusher, elevator, bin, the electromagnetic vibration feeder, Raymond mill, whirlwind powder machine, bag dust collector, pipe, and fan and so on. All of these machines are in no-load operation. The bag dust collector and whirlwind powder do not need to connect the switching power supply.

This production line starts with the jaw crusher. In the actual production line, it needs add some crushing production line in the Raymond mill production line. In grinding line, it needs to start the bucket elevator firstly and then open the jaw crusher, analyzer, fan and then motor and at last you need to open the electromagnetic vibration feeder.

In the above grinding production line, the bucket elevator and electromagnetic vibration feeder can be in no-load operation. The former is the first one need to be open. The electromagnetic vibration feeder is open at last is for that it is preparation for the latter feeding materials. Electromagnetic vibration feeder is open at last is prevent the materials feeding to Raymond mill which is not open at this time. It will cause material piling and plugging material and cause the machine broken.

When the elevator is open, it can open the jaw crusher machine. At this time, the materials crushed by jaw crusher will be stored in the bin and it will not cause material plugging. When you start up the Raymond mill, it needs to open the analyzer and then is the fan. Fan is used to draft wind. Then you can start up the motor and electromagnetic vibration feeder, the system can work normally.

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