Sanding machine welding technicians need to pay attention to prevent some safety hazards?

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Sanding machine welding technicians need to pay attention to prevent some safety hazards?

Sand making machine, like other mining machinery, is made of steel. Welding work is the focus of sand making equipment manufacturing. Then how can the welding technician of the sand making machine (sanding machine) weld the high quality sand making machine, how to effectively prevent the safety hazard?

SBM provides you with the most practical safety specifications for the welding technicians of the sand making machine. It not only can effectively avoid the safety hazards of the working process, but also make the welding work of the sand making machine better and faster.

Safety operation rules for manual arc welding operations of sand making machine manufacturers

Since the energy used by manual arc welding is electricity, and the arc generates high temperature and arc during the combustion process, the coating produces some harmful gases and dust at high temperatures. Therefore, there are unsafe factors such as electric shock, arc and electric heat damage, toxic and harmful gas erosion, fire and explosion during operation. Manual arc welding operation safety requirements:

  • (1) When it is raining or snowing, open welding shall not be carried out.
  • (2) When working at a high place, the welding cable is not allowed to be placed on the welding machine, and the welding wire across the road must be protected against pressure. Before welding, check that there are no flammable and explosive materials around, and fasten the seat belt.
  • (3) The secondary line should not be too long, and should generally be determined according to the specific conditions at work.
  • (4) During the welding process, when the welding machine fails and needs to be inspected, the power supply must be cut off, and it is forbidden to touch any part of the welding machine by hand when it is energized to avoid accidents.
  • (5) It is strictly forbidden to mix the welding cable with the gas welded hose.
  • (6) When welding in the container, insulation protective equipment should be used, ventilation and lighting should be good.
  • (7) When welding, do not hold the workpiece in your hand or hold the workpiece by hand for welding.
  • (8) The welding machine installed in the open air should be placed in a dry place and should be covered by a shed.
  • (9) The outer casing of the welding machine must be grounded reliably, the grounding resistance must not be greater than the machine, and not many strings are connected to the ground.
  • (10) It is strictly forbidden to use cable tubes, cable sheaths or crane tracks as welding leads. The welding wire should not be close to the heat source, and it is strictly forbidden to touch the wire rope or rotate the machine.
  • (11) Turn off the welding machine after the work is completed, and then disconnect the power supply.

Safety procedures for gas welding and gas cutting operations of sanding machine welding technicians

  • (1) Before installing the pressure reducer on the oxygen cylinder mouth, it should be blown off for a short time to prevent the bottle mouth from being clogged. It is strictly forbidden to use cylinders without a pressure reducer.
  • (2) There shall be no oil on the oxygen and acetylene bottle mouth and the open bottle wrench.
  • (3) Oxygen and acetylene bottles should be more than l0m away from open flame, and the distance between oxygen and acetylene bottles should be more than 5m.
  • (4) Oxygen and acetylene bottles shall not be exposed to the sun in the hot sun, and shall not be close to fire sources and other heat sources.
  • (5) Check the tightness of the joint and each valve before ignition of the welding torch. The newly used torch and the suction-type torch should also be checked for their suction capability.
  • (6) When the welding torch is ignited, the acetylene valve should be opened first, and then the oxygen valve should be opened. The mouth of the nozzle must not face the person.
  • (7) When the welding torch and torch tip burst due to overheating, use water cooling. If it slams due to blockage, it should be deactivated.
  • (8) In the case of flammable and explosive production areas, the fire-fighting approval procedures shall be handled in accordance with the regulations.
  • (9) When gas welding and electric welding are operated at the same place, the gas cylinder should be covered with insulation to prevent the cylinder from being charged.


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