SBM Sand Making Machine

As the largest manufacturer of the mine, mill and sand machine, SBM has developed different types of products according to the requirements of different grinding. And we should have a general knowledge of manufacturing requirements of sand, when we want to choose the quality of the equipment of sand – do.

After developing years’ research and sand making equipment, SBM found requirement particles crushing materials in order. And in general, the materials with the shape of the tip will be easier to photograph any crushing stone has a strict requirement of the particle size. and the reason is that sand the edges and corners of the cubes, which would interact blocking effect. while the continuous movement will create a significant reduction and cubic sand cover more space than round sand, reducing the possibility of displacement of asphalt materials and cement.

We can give a definition on the sand rock particles having a particle size less than 4.75 mm after the withdrawal of land mechanical crushing and screening, which does not include soft rock, weathered rock particles.

Specification sand : sand specification is divided into three types, such as coarse, medium and fine under the thin Mx fine and coarse sand of 3.7 ~ 3.1, and in the middle of fine sand reaches 3.3 ~ 3.0, finesse and fine sand to 2.2 ~ 1.6.

Grades of sand: the sand classes can be divided into three kinds Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ.

sand Application: Ⅰ to be adapted to the concrete C6 ; Ⅱ type suitable for C30 ~ C60 concrete and other demanding Antifreeze sealing; Ⅲ type would be suitable for concrete and mortar sand with a force of less than C30.

Features: size of the sand particles is in the range of 4.75 ~ 0.15 mm while there is a limit to the size of the stone powder and particle size of 0.075 mm including 4.75,2.36, A. 1.18,0.60,0.30,0.15 particle size should be better than the cubic form and must comply with the content of the shape of the tip.

Rock used for sand making sand making rock which mainly granite, basalt, river natural pebbles, andesite, rhyolite, diabase, diorite, sandstone, limestone and so on and also have the power and different applications with different. rock types.

First, there are many types of mining sand making equipment, which mainly includes the following seven categories : 1. The impact of vertical shaft crusher crusher crusher crusher March 2 interlocutor crusher crusher 4.conversable 5 6.cone 7.rod mill. And all these sand making equipment have different functions and applications.

As the largest professional manufacturer of SBM win his very popular and developed many types of manufacturing equipment sand as PCL, VSI, VSI5X, VW, and JC jaw crusher, PFW Crusher, Cone Crusher and so suite. VSI5X crushers are widely used in metal and non-metal mines, concrete, fireproof material, abrasive filler, frit, construction aggregate, sand, metallurgy and other industries. It is used for medium crushing and fine and suitable for various ores and rocks of hardness, such as iron ore, minerals, non-ferrous metal, carborundum, bauxite stone, quartz sand, brown alumina, perlite, Whinstone and so on. Based on German technology and our multi company intellectual property, we have developed this new type of mill high functionality. And equipment VSI5X integrated three types of grinding in one set, which has become a new type of high efficiency crusher and basic equipment. And SBM VSI5X certainly contribute to solutions market dynamic energy to the sand!

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