small scale mining equipment

In general, many years mining experience to prove that gold ore has very low content of gold. In order to extract gold from its ore, you will need our high quality gold ore processing equipments for your small scale mining business plan in Ghana.

In the mining industry for many years,SBM is good at using mobile small scale gold mining business plant for sale in Dubai.SBM gold ore mining plant includes quarry machine, extraction plant, crushing machine, grinding plant, screening machine, conveying system, processing plant, separation machine etc., and features high production capacity, high mobility and reliability, low energy comsumption. If you have some questions about gold mining plant and production line for sale or intend to attain other projects to your production line,you can give a message to us.SBM uphold the principle that the company is to provide customers tailored proprietary gold production line,choose us is equal to success, you will never regret!

As a amalgamation gold extraction provider for small scale gold mining,SBM has been very good performance in recent years. Amalgamation gold extraction is a relatively old gold extraction method, the process is simple, easy to operate, small investment for gold recovery is relatively high, with gold plant application is widespread.But mercury amalgamation of gold there is also a problem, the problem is that the recovery of mercury, mercury amalgamation of gold must use the liquid mercury in the mercury recovery process of a certain loss.

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