Technical Features and Working Principles of High Efficiency ultrafine mill Equipment in Shanghai

As an indispensable part of the slag cement production process, Shanghai’s high-efficiency ultrafine mill has a very important role in the production of slag cement. However, one of the important equipments in the production process of high-efficient ultrafine mill cement, coupled with its own complexity, therefore, how to effectively debug the high-performance Ultrafine mill is particularly important. This article has carried on the corresponding research to the debugging of the high efficiency ultrafine mill equipment of SBM industry science and technology group, its result may provide the reference for the actual engineering application.

working principle of ultrafine mill

Before the material enters the high efficiency ultrafine mill equipment, the metal material is first extracted to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment. The feed material is fed into the disc through the feed tube. When the disc is rotated, the mineral material is dispersed outwards by means of a rotary centrifugal force to form a material bed with a corresponding thickness. At the same time, the mineral material is crushed by many main grinding rollers on the grinding disc and crushed. The crushed material enters the separator along with the hot air. At the same time, the material is dried by the hot air and the moisture quickly evaporates. After passing through the separator, qualified powder enters the precipitator; large particles of powder are sent back to the disc for continued rolling. This is repeated and the entire operation process is completed.

Technical features of ultrafine mill

High-performance ultrafine mill equipment debugging

The debugging instruction manual contains the methods, parameter settings and adjustments of the high-performance ultrafine mill equipment during commissioning. The details are as follows:

Problems and Handling in the Debugging Process

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