The Transmission Device Of Impact Crusher

Impact crusher shaft has a variety of materials, in accordance with the requirements of strength, stiffness and abrasion resistance, etc., to select the material and heat treatment.

The commonly used material is carbon steel and alloy steel. Low carbon steel prices, small sensitivity to stress concentration, often use carbon steel, the most commonly used is 45 # steel, can use less important or less stress axis Q23S steel, etc.. The impact breaker made in carbon steel is higher than that in alloy steel strength and excellent heat treatment performance, but the stress concentration is more sensitive, in the case of more stress, to reduce the size and weight of the shaft, or need to raise the wear ability of shaft neck, or under the condition of high temperature, corrosion and other work of axis, can adopt alloy steel. In the working temperature is below 200 ℃, modulus of elasticity of alloy steel and carbon steel were similar, therefore, using alloy steel instead of carbon steel does not improve the stiffness of shaft.

Impact crusher is generally relying on the prime mover supplies some form of energy to work. Connect the prime mover and the working machine directly, however, is very few, often needed to add transfer power between them or change the motion state of gears. The experts of SBM machine analyze the main reason:

1. In some cases, with a prime mover to drive several different impact crushers in the work.

2. For the work safety and maintenance is convenient, or because the outer profile size of machine is restricted, and other reasons, sometimes not the prime mover and impact crusher directly connected together.

3. Many impact crushers can need according to the production requirements for the speed adjustment, but rely on adjusting the speed of the prime mover to achieve this goal is often not the economy, what is even impossible.

4. impact crusher required speed, what generally do not conform to prime mover of the optimal speed, for growth or slowing down. In addition, the prime mover of the output shaft is usually only for uniform rotary motion, the impact crusher required movement form is varied, such as linear motion, intermittent motion and so on.

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