Ultrafine mill technology has a significant role in the development of high-tech

Ultrafine mill technology has a significant role in the development of high-tech

In recent years, due to the weakening of the guiding role of the crushing theory, the development of modern engineering technology has made the requirements for high-purity crushing and pulverizing technologies higher in various fields. Economic and social development also put forward higher requirements for smashing equipment. Modern engineering technology will require more and more high-purity and ultrafine powders, and ultrafine mill technology will play an increasingly important role in the research and development of high-tech. .

Ultrafine mill is one of the basic products of mines and building materials. It can be said that the development level of ultrafine mill can be seen in the development level of a country’s mines and building materials. ultrafine mill machinery can usually be divided into four categories, commonly used are hammer ultrafine mill and two-stage ultrafine mill, coal gangue ultrafine mill, roller ultrafine mill.
China’s ultrafine mill manufacturing industry has a very wide market, including chemical, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal mining, glass and other industries. The most important application areas in China are the cement industry, paving and mining, and the ultrafine mill used in these two industries accounts for about 30% of the entire industry. With the overall improvement of the ultrafine mill industry, we must seize the opportunity to promote our core competitiveness and maintain our strong position in the development of large-scale super-fine grinding and super-fine grinding.

China’s ultrafine mill industry has seen a surge in demand for strong infrastructure investment. There have been phenomena such as overcapacity, low-end competition among SMEs, low technological content, and high energy consumption. Faced with this status quo, companies should find out the industry development model and expand their thinking as soon as possible, and have a basic understanding of the weakness of technology.

In the case of a slight downturn in the economic situation, the adjustment of industrial structure will be accelerated and the pattern of technological innovation will be used to stabilize development. Overcapacity has already become a bottleneck in the development of many industries, and it has also become a problem that has plagued the development of ultrafine mill companies. Will the future development of the Chinese economy toward urbanization break the current stalemate in the crusher industry?

Competition in the market is further intensified. If domestic ultrafine mill machinery companies want to take the initiative in the tide of competition, their primary task is to strengthen the quality and technological content of the existing crushing and destruction equipment, and to narrow the gap with the machinery industry in the same industry as soon as possible. Create your own brand and strive for market initiative.

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