VSI Crusher Machines

Sand making machine ( crusher, vertical shaft impact ) is an important production of manufactured sand equipment. Machine making machine sand SBM applied to aggregate development and flattening of soft and semi-hard extra hard ; materials, and has the function of coarse grinding and fine grinding. It is widely used in all kinds of minerals, cement, fire protection, silicon carbide, glass raw materials, aggregates, sand made of construction, etc.

In the field of engineering, it is the ideal equipment for manufactured sand, asphalt concrete aggregate concrete aggregate and cement. In the field of mining, which is widely used in grinding craft front, producing a mass of fine ore, reducing the high cost of grinding load. SBM Machine offers sand making machine for a major product line manufactured civilians ( 400t / h line manufactured Richangsheng Zhejiang Building Materials Co., Ltd production of sand). The high quality aggregate that is produced by the machine is used in SBM national heavy construction. SBM machines provides VSI vertical shaft ( sand making machine ) Beijing Rui Cheng Group. The production line of manufactured sand gravel, which was built by the mill is used to power the airport expansion project capital. The turnkey project of gravel production line building materials, provided in Zhuozhou Hebei adopt -8000 VSI to produce manufactured sand and the establishment in general. Its top quality set is used in the concrete plant Beijing Urban Construction Group, the National Grand Theater, etc.

SBM machine is not only the leader in the home, but also exported to Australia, Russia, Mongolia, Chile, Central Asia, West Asia and other countries and regions. Due to the excellent quality and service, SBM machine crushing and screening equipment receives recognition abroad.

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