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Currently, China is experiencing a rapid development of industrialization and urbanization with a large consumption of mineral resources and high dependence on foreign markets. While the continuous increase of prices not only increase the cost of operating mining machinery enterprises, but also the increasing pressure from the source of salvation.

As an essential mineral state, we must use the best long-term abundance of garbage tail, which can turn trash into treasure and also reduces resource and environmental pressures. And the tail is the type of waste bins under the technical security technology, as well as secondary sources. Furthermore, sound economic conditions, which may be derived from the second scan. For statistics, the total amount of slag has reached 5.026billion tons of minerals, including iron tail 2.614billion tons of slag, 2.109 billion tons of nonferrous metal and slag 0.272billion tons of gold and other 0.031billion tons of slag before 2000 discharge. annual and mineral bins have successfully 0.6billion tons and the total amount so 8billion has reached approximately tonnes.

The SBM technician told we could use the tail slag sand to produce based on their experience and research. Prior to 2000, the tail is very large litter and if we can make full use of the slag, can provide a million tons of construction sand 20:40. And if we can make full use of existing slag heap, we can use it for 20 years, which not only solve the environmental pollution but also in the act of construction sand.

Actually, sandstone users not only solve the problem of constructing the sand, but also improve the quality of sandstone and customer interest. Thus, manual sandstone occurs mechanically fixed points of production and improve management. And staff will have a greater personality, that many companies do not have the natural sand. And sandstone building standards should be reached has been set for years, while it has not been achieved. Even if we can explore garbage queue and then manually sandstone can be achieved, which is positive for the sector as a whole Sandstone meaning.

To explore the mineral slag queue, we must take the following meatures: we design and implement policies and business support for continuing technical innovation; we have to carry out some preferential tax policies to reduce the resources and encourage exploration of trash fish. And then we have to strengthen the technical innovation of comprehensive utilization of slag from the queue and continue to work on research and advanced technology, equipment and craft, which will be reinforced transformation results. And we also need to make better use of financial funds center and support the use of leading companies slag. And you also need to strengthen the management structure and promote the company’s strengths. And we must strengthen the use of resources and management processes to prevent accidents.

According to the manual slag sand exploration and utilization of minerals, and advanced craft, sandstone producer SBM has played an important role and developed VSI5X crusher. And machine adopts the German advanced technical skills with some independent intellectual property rights. which has become another breakthrough in the total area of ​​sandstone. And not only provides aggregate quality Sandstone in the area of ​​highway, railway, high-rise buildings, public works, construction of hydroelectric dams, ports and docks, concrete factory, but also have broader applications in the field of metal ore crushing and quartz sand, and steel slag processing. Today, it has become the main arena team in decision sandstone material, which has been widely used in the field of river sand gravel, sand tailings, waste building sand.

Secondary use of garbage exploration tail not only reduce damage to the environment of natural sandstone, but also reduces damage to the environment from waste tail, which has become garbage until the treasury and resources and fully stored as development for sustainable development.

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