What is the cause of oil leakage in the vertical roller mill cylin

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What is the cause of oil leakage in the vertical roller mill cylinder?

The oil leakage of the oil cylinder is also one of the common faults of the vertical roller mill. The long-term oil leakage of the oil cylinder will inevitably affect the normal operation of the equipment and also increase the production cost. Therefore, it must be eliminated. The engineers of SBM Heavy Machine have combined the years of work experience to give the following analysis, and hope to help the friends who use the vertical roller mill!

1. Reasons for oil leakage of the vertical roller mill tensioning cylinder

  • (1) Unbalanced material in the internal cavity of the vertical roller mill: Since only fly ash and limestone are not mixed with clay, the adhesion between the material particles in the vertical pulverizer is weakened, the stability of the material layer is poor, and the vibration probability Increase. In addition, the blade of the circulating fan is worn out, and the dynamic balance of the fan impeller is not good, resulting in unstable suction of the fan, which makes the material in the vertical roller mill fluctuate and less, and forces the operator to continuously pass the pressure difference and the exit. The temperature is adjusted to ensure the amount of material in the mill and the stability of the material layer. The adjusted feeding amount is difficult to be consistent with the fluctuating air volume, resulting in a large change in the amount of material in the grinding, the material layer is unstable, and the grinding machine vibrates frequently, causing the tensioning cylinder to leak oil several times.
  • (2) Tension of the tightening cylinder seal: The sealing ring is aging due to the long time of use and needs to be updated.
  • (3) The setting range of the tightening force is unreasonable: the original setting range is 12 to 14 MPa, and the setting range is too narrow, and this range is relatively high with respect to the current material. The narrow setting range of the tensioning force not only weakens the buffering capacity of the nitrogen air bag in the tensioning cylinder, but also causes the oil pump of the tensioning station to frequently start and stop in a short time, and in severe cases, the motor of the tensioning station is burnt down. . Setting the high tension will keep the oil pressure in the tensioning cylinder high, so that the high oil pressure brings higher pressure to the aging seal, plus the iron ore particle size in the grinding material. Too large (some more than 130mm), such a large piece of raw material not only makes the vibration of the mill increase, but also causes large fluctuations in the tension. A higher pressure of more than 14.MPa often occurs, so that the instantaneous pressure is large. Constantly impacting the seal, this increases the chance of straining the cylinder seal.


2, vertical roller mill tensioning cylinder oil leakage solution

  • (1) Pre-crushing treatment of raw materials: pre-crushing the iron ore entering the plant to reduce the particle size of the iron ore.
  • (2) Adjusting the fan blades: welding the circulating fan blades and adjusting its dynamic balance to ensure a smooth air discharge, and also reduce the vibration of the fan and reduce the current of the circulating fan.
  • (3) Increasing the stability of the material layer: According to the wearability of the material, the reasonable tensioning force parameter is determined from the original 12~14]V[Pa to 9~12]VIPa. The original limestone and fly ash ball mill pre-batch was changed into three components of limestone, fly ash and clay. Because of the addition of clay, the stability of the layer was increased and the stability of the mill was improved.
  • (4) Strictly follow the specifications of the vertical roller mill: due to the temperature is too high or too low, the exhaust air volume is too large or too small, the amount of water spray is more or less, the grinding pressure is increased or decreased, etc. The vibration, so in the operation must avoid the occurrence of the above phenomenon, optimize the parameters to ensure the stable operation of the vertical roller mill.

The oil cylinder is one of the important components of the vertical roller mill, and the oil leakage of the oil cylinder will increase the production cost of the enterprise. Therefore, the SBM heavy machine reminds the users to observe carefully when the vertical roller mill is working, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble!


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