What is the difference between a tracked and tire mobile crusher?

What is the difference between a tracked and tire mobile crusher?

Driven by the construction industry, the sand and gravel industry is becoming more and more prosperous. With the intensification of environmental protection and the needs of market users, there are more and more types of sand and gravel equipment, and the technology is more and more sophisticated. Two of these equipments are sand and gravel A major progress in the industry is the crawler mobile crushing station and the tire mobile crushing station. What is the difference between these two types of equipment, this article will make a comprehensive comparison for everyone, so you can see at a glance.


What are the common characteristics of the two crushing equipment

  • 1.Flexible mobility
  • The mobile crushing station is convenient to enter and exit the site, and can directly reach the mining site. After completing the station adjustment in a short time, the operation can be started.

  • 2.Complete functions
  • The mobile crushing station is equipped with corresponding equipment according to the actual production needs of the user. It is a production line that integrates process equipment such as feeding, crushing, and screening.

  • 3. Strong adaptability
  • It has strong adaptability to various environments. The integrated group production method has a small footprint, does not require infrastructure facilities, and reduces investment costs.

  • 4. Reduce transportation costs
  • It is no longer necessary to transport raw materials to the crushing site, but where the materials are, the crusher can be driven, which avoids the intermediate link of transporting materials away from the work site and then crushing, which greatly reduces the cost of material transportation.


    What is the difference between a tracked and tire mobile crushing station

    These are the common advantages of tire mobile crusher and crawler mobile crusher. In addition to these, they also have their own unique advantages, as follows:

  • 1.Mobility
  • The tire mobile crushing station is actually a semi-trailer. Its movement is passive. It requires a vehicle head to be used as power traction. The tire wheelbase is short, the turning radius is small, and it does not damage the road. It can be used on ordinary highways and roads. Flexible driving in the work area.

    The crawler-type mobile crushing station is automatic and can move by itself. Walking on the crawler can realize in-situ steering. The standard configuration, through wireless remote control, makes it easy to drive the crusher to the trailer and transport it to the work site.


  • 2.Applicable venue
  • Because the tire-type crushing station uses on-board traction, so that the crushing station can meet the mobility requirements both on the job site and on the highway, it is more suitable for some construction waste treatment, earth and stone engineering, urban infrastructure and road construction, construction and other industries. Various sand and gravel materials are broken.

    The chassis of the crawler crushing station adopts a crawler-type full-rigid ship structure, with high strength, low ground pressure, good passability, good adaptability to mountainous and wetlands, and even hill climbing operations, so it is suitable for some mining and open-air Poor operating environments such as coal mining.

  • 3. Work efficiency
  • The impact force generated by the crusher is relatively large at work. Stability is the basis of mobile crushing station operation. Good stability can be equipped with large main crushing equipment. The tires can fix the hydraulic legs under the frame for stability. The overall has been enhanced, so it works more efficiently.

    The stability of crawler mobile crushing station is relatively weak, which results in its crushing capacity is not as efficient as tire mobile crushing station, but generally can meet the production needs of users.


  • 4. Equipment cost
  • The prices of these two mobile crushing stations are more expensive than traditional ones. Due to the different types, models and auxiliary equipment of the main crushers, there is no fixed price list, but relatively speaking, the crawler mobile crushing stations have relatively complete functions and users It is relatively convenient to use. Correspondingly, it uses more advanced technology and materials, and equipment manufacturers invest more. Therefore, its price is higher than that of a crawler crusher.

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