Why is the application of calcite ultrafine grinding

Why is the application of calcite ultrafine grinding

Calcite has a wide range of applications in plastics, rubber, paper, medicine, coatings, and other fields. As the principle and fineness of ultrafine grinding powders continue to improve, calcite’s downstream industry applications will become more common.

Calcite compressive, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant is an ideal green building material. Only through calcite Ultrafine mill and other equipment processing, it will be milled into a certain size of stone powder, which can be applied to building materials, chemical industry and other industries. The calcite ultra-fine mill can process calcite into 3000-mesh stone powder. Its compact structure and simple operation make it the most widely used mill equipment in the calcite processing industry.

Calcite ultrafine Mill is an ultra-fine grinding machine independently developed by Shanghai SBM based on calcite stone properties. It is not only popular in the domestic market, but also widely used in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions. The interior itself forms an air circulation system, so it has little pollution to the surrounding environment. In addition, due to the small kinetic energy of the fine material particles, the possibility of milling is also small, so that excessive grinding phenomenon can be avoided.

Now, calcite ultra-fine grinding equipment has been widely used in calcite processing in many places. ultrafine-grinding calcite powder has become an ideal environmentally-friendly building material and has become an indispensable area for construction of public buildings, villas, and garden art. Lack of raw materials.

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